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Remember those days where ladies had to spend 15 to even half an hour just to make sure that their eyebrows were beautifully drawn? This practice might be a thing in the past as eyebrow tattoo in Penang is here to provide you a long-lasting, mesmerizing eyebrow that requires no makeup. It is achieved by tattooing the eyebrow on your face. Yes, you heard it right. However, many have steered away from conventional eyebrow tattoo due to some drawbacks like ugly thick blue tattoo eyebrows. Eyebrow tattoo in Penang introduces you to a new technique that is called microblogging.

What is microblogging?

As the name sounds, microblogging technique utilized by eyebrow tattoo in Penang works by depositing pigment under the first layer of the epidermis via strokes that look like brow hairs. And this is done using a small, handheld tool where its other end consists of microneedles. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblogging treatment conducted by eyebrow tattoo in Penang is semi-permanent. It lasts anywhere from one to three years depending on the type of ink or pigments and the aftercare quality. As cosmetic tattooing is more superficial to the skin, the inks are much more degradable. Hence, it will fade in time. On the flip side, you won’t be stuck with the same eyebrow if it does not look good on you.

Understanding micro beading with eyebrow tattoo in Penang

Many will probably wonder how microblogging works. In eyebrow tattoo in Penang, the client’s eyebrow is first anesthetized before the microblogging starts. After the anesthetize effect kicks in, our trained therapist will begin the microblogging process where the pigment is incorporated into the skin’s first layer, stroke by stroke. Rest assured that our therapists in eyebrow tattoo in Penang are meticulously trained with years of experience who are also certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). Hence, clients will experience little to no pain during the process which takes about two hours. After the process, don’t be surprised to see a pair of bold eyebrows. This is because it is currently in a healing period and during this period, it will become darker in the first 3 days. On day 4 and 5, this is when its scabs will fall off, revealing the lighter and natural actual tattooed eyebrow. After the first treatment session, clients are required to revisit eyebrow tattoo in Penang after 4 – 8 weeks for a touch-up session.

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