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Who doesn’t want an even, smooth and radiant skin? In this era where almost everyone is very concerned about their skin conditions, billions of dollars were spent on skincare products every year. Not only women, but men are also starting to care about how their skin looks. With today’s beauty standard that is really out of this world, many would even go for skin treatment in order to improve their skin complications and flaws. Skin treatment in Penang has been a popular option for anyone who wishes to have silky smooth skin, providing personalized and professional skin treatment services.

Radiant skin with skin treatment in Penang

Just like any other servicing industry, skin treatment in Penang aims to provide the best skin treatment service and real result to the customers. What makes skin treatment different from skin facials is that facials are something that is indulgent and pampering, whereas skin treatment is specifically tailored to improve the client’s skin. Here at skin treatment in Penang, with a team of meticulously trained skin therapists, we utilize face mapping methods to specifically design the most suitable skin treatment depending on your current skin conditions. The treatment applied to you differs every time you visit us. Our skin treatment is suitable for a myriad of skin conditions which include blemishes, uneven skin tones, wrinkles, dark eye circles, enlarged pores, acne, and aging skin. Customers will experience drastic improvement on their skin after just having their very first treatment here at skin treatment in Penang, giving them a luminous, silky smooth and tender skin.

skin treatment in Penang

Industry-leading treatments

What sets skin treatment in Penang apart from other treatment parlors is the variety of skin treatment techniques and equipment that are available here. For one, our trained skin therapists will perform exfoliation on your skin, it is then followed by double cleansing which eliminates any unwanted impurities from your skin. We also do extractions, customized massage and masque technique that hydrates and sooth your skin. Secondly, here at skin treatment in Penang, we utilize the latest skin treatment technology that is the platelet-rich plasma treatment. This works by injecting the plasma (extracted from a small amount of blood of the client) into the skin. This platelet-rich plasma is rich in growth factors which helps the skin to rejuvenate and repair itself by regenerating new tissues, stimulating new skin growth and collagen deposition. All these processes will give you a well-toned, radiant and firm skin.