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Automotive Films Best for Car Window Tinting Malaysia

If you are looking for car window tinting Malaysia of the ultimate in high technology, superior clarity, and performance with a premium look, Iris Pro Ultra Violet 420 Solar Film is definitely your best choice! We are offering a deal of 100% ultraviolet rejection, 95% infrared heat rejection and 10 years product warranty which you will not find at other places!

Driving with the sun directly on your face is always the most disturbing and annoying case. Iris Pro Ultra Violet 420 Solar Film is here to shield your eyes and prevent the all types of glare whether it is from sunlight or man-made light sources. This type of car window tinting Malaysia ensures you a safe journey on a daily basis.

There Comes the New Era of Privacy with Luxury Window Tint

It is always a good idea to keep a low profile. Car window tinting Malaysia grant your wish of owning awesome privacy. Window tint guards your personal privacy regardless of your location. Nevertheless, car window tinting Malaysia also protects your personal belonging from being seen whenever you are not around.

car window tinting Malaysia

Take Control of the Sun with Window Tinting

We take good care of your cars as if they were our personally-owned. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today with us for quotation. You will definitely leave feeling satisfied with the completion of car window tinting Malaysia. You do not need a brand-new car, all you need is brand-new car window tinting Malaysia!

With all the benefits that we have mentioned for car window tinting Malaysia, tinting is certainly worth every penny that you spend. No matter what, the biggest benefits of it goes to giving you peace of mind and satisfaction. For these, tinting is more than worthy.