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Tinted glass has been a necessity in the automobile industry since its beginning. This is especially true in Malaysia where blazing hot weather spread around the country throughout the year. Besides aesthetically improving the look of your car, tinted glass Malaysia applied on vehicles plays an important role in the life of Malaysians.

Deeper tint leads to better privacy and security

People’s first impression of tinted glass is to prevent anyone from looking into their vehicles, giving them a sense of their own isolated space from the outside. This gives them peace of mind without having to worry that they are being watched. The transparency of tinted glass Malaysia is measured by “Visible Light Transmission (VLT)”. It represents the overall visible light that passes through the tinted glass. The lower the number, the less visible light is able to pass through the glass. The lowered visibility of tinted glass Malaysia indirectly prevents a burglary from happening as people will not be able to see what is on the other side of the glass. Hence deterring the intention of burglary.

tinted glass Malaysia

Tinted glass Malaysia cools your ride!

Possibly one of the worst things that you feel when getting into your car during a hot day is how scorching hot the inside of your car feels and it took ages for it to cool down. This is where tinted glass Malaysia comes in, to deter the heat from the sun from penetrating and accumulating in your car. The ability of a tinted glass to isolate heat is measured by “Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER)” which represents the percentage of solar energy rejected by the glass. The greater the percentage, more heat from the sun is cut off. With great solar energy rejection, you will be less annoyed by the extreme heat from the sun while driving.

tinted glass Malaysia

Know your tint

There are different variants of tinted glass Malaysia available in the market and it is important for us to choose the suitable one. For one, the VLT of your car tint must adhere to the requirement of JPJ Malaysia. In general, the VLT for the front windscreen should be above 70% while the rest of the windows should be around 50%. Offenders will result in their window tinting to be removed by the authorities. It is imperative to choose tinted glass Malaysia of high quality as tinting of inferior quality tends to fade, fracture, bubble and peel off.