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Have you ever heard of a saying ‘you are never fully dressed without great brows’? That’s how important a thick, well-defined pair of eyebrows is to us nowadays. You may be dressed gorgeously in a gown or a dress, with glamorous, makeup on, but if you mess up your eyebrows, it will ruin the whole look. This is why many people nowadays have invested tons of money perfecting their eyebrows. You can purchase exorbitant eyebrow pencils and spend tens of minutes putting it on, but not always you have time to do that, especially when people nowadays are living in a hustle and bustle city. This is where 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang comes in, offering you the best alternative to solve this problem.

Eyebrow embroidery vs traditional eyebrow tattoos

Many people despise the idea of tattooing, let alone on their face. This is because when they think of eyebrow tattoos, they will probably think of ugly eyebrows drawn in straight lines, often in bluish-grey color. It almost looks like someone took a crayon and drew directly on your face. 3D eyebrow tattoos in Penang aims to bust this stereotype by using a new technique called eyebrow embroidery. Unlike conventional eyebrow tattoos, eyebrow embroidery is very dimensional. It involves incorporating semi-permanent pigment or ink into the surface of the skin using a fine blade to mimic the growth of your existing hair, resulting in a more natural look. This technique used by 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang is very different compared to traditional tattoos where the color is deposited below the skin’s surface.

3D eyebrow tattoos in Penang


Getting yourself ready for 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang

Here are some tips for you to get yourself ready before having an eyebrow embroidery session with us here at 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang. Firstly, pretty much anyone can be a candidate for this session. Men or women suffering from hair loss like Alopecia, chemotherapy or just simply over-tweezing their eyebrows are good candidates for this session. Secondly, as this process is semi-permanent, it is vital for you to know what you are getting into before you begin with the session. 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang provides professional advice by well-trained beauty therapists that will make sure that you will get the eyebrows that are not only thick and beautiful but also most importantly, they suit your look. Thirdly, you might think that you may need to shave or remove your existing eyebrow hair in order to proceed with the embroidery session, but this is not the case here at 3D eyebrow tattoo in Penang as we tend to keep as much of the natural brow hair as possible. Only those hairs that grew out of place will be removed. So what are you waiting for? Hit us up to know more!