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We all know that window tinting is essential to our beloved rides but how do you feel when your car window tinting in Penang peels off, fades or becomes purple? You will surely be frustrated after a hefty investment you had put in. This is why it is vital to know how to choose the right car window tinting in Penang so that your investment will be worth every penny. Here are some tips which you can refer before you make your decision to buy car window tinting in Penang.

Get to know the types of car window tinting out there

There are tons of choices of car window tinting in Penang. We break it down into 3 general types. First, we have the glue-coated dye which represents the most basic and common tint in the market. The way it works is using the glue itself as the material to block heat but like all glues, they will not last long. But the cost is cheap. The second type we have the dye films where the color itself is applied directly to the tint, making it more superior in quality compared to that of glue coated ones. Thirdly, there are the nano-ceramic films where they absorb the solar energy and disperse it rapidly. However, be aware of this type of film as some of them contain a high level of metal which either disrupts phone signals or is Smart Tag unfriendly. Therefore, it is imperative to recognize and understand the types of car window tinting in Penang so that you know what you get yourself into.

car window tinting in Penang

Check your tint

Before you get all happy with your newly tinted car, expecting it to last at least years to come, only to find that your car window tinting in Penang fades off and starts to bubble only after several weeks of use. It is very important to know how to check whether you have bought the real deal. The first tip is to see how close the film comes to the window edge. Good installers use computerized technology to cut the film so consistent and clean that it can be very close to the edge of the window pane and does not waver. The second tip is to make sure that there are no tiny bubbles that might distort your view. If you are using a low-quality tint, bubbles may start to form only in months when the adhesive or glue starts to degrade prematurely. These steps are crucial to make sure that your car window tinting in Penang is of good quality and long lasting.