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Do you know that having a full, defined lip can bring drastic improvements to your look? On your face, besides having a silky smooth skin, contoured cheeks and nose, thick and glamorous lashes and eyebrows, well-defined lips play an important role in upping your beauty standard, giving you an alluring and attractive look. Talking about having a good-looking lip, many people will normally put on lipstick or lip gloss and be done with it. Little did they know, the wear and tear during their daily life tend to smudge the lipstick or lip gloss, affecting the overall look. You will hear many ladies complaining that their lipstick can’t stay on for a long period of time or leave undesirable marks on the edge of cups or glasses etc. Here’s advice, applying a lip liner in Penang on your lips before putting on your lipstick or lip gloss can do wonders. Let us have a closer look at what is a lip liner.

Lip liner, what is it?

Lip liner in Penang is an essential cosmetic tool that you should have in your arsenal. It is used to fill in the uneven area on the outer edges of the lips before lipstick or lip gloss is put on, giving it a smoother shape. Another function of lip liner in Penang is to create an outline for your lips, preventing the lipstick from “bleeding” while it is being put on. This is important to separate the applied area from the rest just to give it a more contoured look. Lip liner in Penang comes in various types of colors like red, pink, brown, plum as well as invisible ones, creating an illusion of smooth and glossy lips without influencing the initial color.

lip liner in Penang

Upping your lip game with a lip liner in Penang

When gravity and age take a toll on your lips, the corner of your lips will start to sag. Nobody wants that, especially women. This is where lip liner in Penang comes in to highlight those corners by creating a lifted and sculptured look. You see, lip liner is not able to work alone and therefore must work in synergy with other cosmetic products like lipstick, lip gloss, and lip highlighter. Lip highlighter will keep the lip line clean and working with lip liner, they can create a good complexion and definition to the lip, perfect for thin upper lips. Moreover, putting on lip liner in Penang extends the wear of any lip color. Simply lining and filling in your lips with lip liner will give your lipstick or lip gloss something to adhere to, preventing feathering or smudging which is perfect for dark and rich lipstick colors. One last tip, when putting on your lip liner, please follow your natural lip shape as overdrawn lips do not look good.