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Getting Know the Available Tint Film Malaysia

There are always reasons for tinting of car windows, either for privacy, UV protection, glare prevention, skin protection and so on. Whatever may be your reasons, you must have a fair idea of the different types of tint film Malaysia, their application and the process of auto tinting.

There are mainly four types of tint film Malaysia according to their structure. The dyed tint film Malaysia is the simplest as it only consists of an adhesive layer or protective plastic. It is also low cost and less functional. Metalized film is durable and highly reflective as it included fine metal deposition on the tint film Malaysia. A hybrid film that combines dyed and metallic films. Ceramic films that are most expensive with the highest quality.

Direct Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

The drivers usually have a higher rate of skin cancer on the right side due to prolonged exposure while driving. You do not have to put up with this high-risk using tint film Malaysia. Window tint is a part of comprehensive skin care program. Tint film Malaysia blocks more than 90% of harmful UV rays, glares and reject heat from outside to prevent premature aging and skin cancer that might reach to you.

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Get Your Window Tint Installed by Trained Experts

Tint film Malaysia is engineered to be delivered at a high standard of performances. It is well known for its quality, color stability, durability, and scratch resistant top coating. People love their cars for many reasons, some love the driving experience, some love the styling, some loves the comfort and security that can be felt behind the wheel.

From today onwards, you can add one more reason, which is a more confident ride that comes from you and your family or friends are being protected from sun’s harmful UV rays after the installation of tint film by our professional technician.