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Get the Perfect Semi-Permanent Brow For You

Are you always wanted to draw a perfect brow but you are not expert in make-up? Are you always poring over beauty tutorials on social media? Are you always fret over which brow product to be chosen? We have good news for you, visit us for eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia today! Leave the brow art to the experts who will draw on perfect semi-permanent brow for you.

Naturally Crafted Strokes to Match Your Hair Strands

Surely, you hear about tweezing, waxing and tattooing of eyebrows. What about eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia? It is all about a make-up treatment that will fill your brows in stroke-by-stroke for natural looking brows that need no efforts from you!

In fact, perfectly groomed eyebrows can make you look younger and giving you an instant facelift. It minimizes grooming and make-up time in the morning or any other time as eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia gives you elegant eyebrows all the time.

What’s most special about eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia is that it uses feather-like fine strokes following the direction of your hair growth. This creates a more natural look, unlike tattooing which penetrates the dermis of the customer. The eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia can last up to 2 years with touch-ups of color.

Eyebrow Embroidery Penang, Ipoh, Selangor, KL, Johor Bharu of Malaysia

It Makes Use of Your Existing Brows

You don’t need to shave or remove your originally existing eyebrow hair before the treatment of eyebrow embroidery Penang of Malaysia.  We will try out best to include as much of the natural brow hair as possible to be in our final shape. It is a safe, quick and hygienic procedure carried out by our professionally trained beautician. More details about Renaissance Beauty Specialist, click here