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Sunny days? No problem, slap on a layer of solar film and you’ll be fine! Solar Film in Penang has been widely used in many residential housing areas. Besides giving the house a stylish look, its functions are more than what you think.

Solar film in Penang cools your home

It is important to keep your house well-lit by letting in the sunlight. However, the intense heat from the sun may accumulate in the house, making it very uncomfortable. Solar film in Penang reflects off the sunlight, giving your house a much better heat rejection while in turn, reduces the heat build-up in your home. This brings down the electrical energy required to cool down the house using the air conditioning. It helps to save your monthly electricity bill. Besides that, your house will be more environmentally friendly due to the reduced energy consumption.

Glare-away with solar film in Penang

Other than keeping away heat from your house, a solar film in Penang also keeps the sun’s glare at bay by cutting off a certain amount of it before it seeps through the window. This is beneficial to the residents in the house as unfiltered glare will have a severe impact on comfort levels while doing stuff like working on the computer, watching television or even doing normal household chores. Solar film in Penang reduces the harsh sunlight from the outside while maintaining good visibility and view so that you can enjoy the view which is pleasing to the eye. At night, the film has a low reflection on the inside which prevents unwanted reflection of light in the house.

Solar Film in Penang

A sense of privacy for your home

Most people will feel uncomfortable when outsiders are able to peak into their house. Slapping on a layer of solar film in Penang on your house window will help to alleviate this problem. The solar film will let the tenants have more privacy without having to worry that every small action of there is being observed by others. They will feel more comfortable and ease in carrying out their daily activities. Solar films in Penang can also be used in tricky places like the bathroom to provide better privacy.