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Enjoying the Unexpected Benefits from Installation of Window Tint Films

There are no doubts that windows add light, elegance, and distinction to space. At the same time, it is undeniable of being a source of heat gain during daytime or summer season too. Window Tinting Malaysia is the key solution for window treatments to solve this problem. Window tinting Malaysia allows you to enjoy sunshine gleaming into your space at the desired amount.

Window Tinting keeps the indoors cooler. This keeps you from using too much air conditioning. Tinted windows also control the glare of entering your space. Hence, it maintains the indoor in a soothing and comfortable manner to a human’s body and eyes.

Window Tinting Malaysia Takes Safety and Protection into Account

Window Tinting in Malaysia is a safety feature that makes the windows more resistant to breakage from day to day bumps. It also prevents its glass pieces from scattering throughout the entire space if the window breaks. Protective window film will remain attached even when broken.

Window Tinting Malaysia

Full Force of Skillful and Knowledgeable People who Get Job Done for You

Back then in 2012, we started out as a different shade that owns one of the best excellent services of window tinting Malaysia. Being your service specialist for window tinting Malaysia, we are the authorized Iris Pro UV+ 420 Optical Solar Film dealers in Malaysia! 100% of ultraviolet radiation rejection and 95% of infrared heat rejection are assured.

Get the best result you deserve with our quality services at the most affordable price in town. Our professional technicians of window tinting Malaysia are ready to reward you with the best experiences for window tinting Malaysia to achieve your highest satisfaction. We are the only shop that can award you with a 10-year warranty for window protection film.