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Essential Component of a Complete Skin Care Routine  

Over the decades, face mask in Penang, Malaysia are always being rated as irreplaceable skin care element that is perfect for calming the complexion. It is easy to be applied, fun to be used and often deliver fast and great results. Face mask in Penang, Malaysia is usually being used to detoxify skin, increase circulation, instant hydration boost and so on.

Different type of face mask in Penang, Malaysia possess different types of functions according to a different need. There are peel-off masks, sheet masks, clay masks, exfoliating masks, purifying masks and a wide range of face mask in Penang, Malaysia loaded with the skin-perfecting ingredient.

Face Mask in Penang, Malaysia Hydrate Skin, Remove Excess Oils and Help to Improve the Overall Appearance of Facial Pores

Face mask in Penang, Malaysia is encouraged to apply on thoroughly cleansed skin and remove after 15 minutes for an instant boost of radiance. The exfoliating mask is good in removing dead skin cells and refines the skin texture. Sheet mask that is saturated in hyaluronic acid works to hydrate and reduce puffiness of skin. Clay mask treats clogged pores to remove impurities while minimizing pore size.

You are encouraged to drop by our beauty salon for a session of face mask in Penang, Malaysia before a special occasion to achieve the optimal results. Your skin tends to appear dewy and glowing all day long after masking session. We tailored the mask product and time for you to make it a gorgeous addition to your coziness.

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Replenishing Nutrients that Your Skin Type Needs

You can try out masking yourself at home but some DIY skincare routines are not kind to sensitive skin. We encourage you to come for a free consultation by us to search for the best face mask in Penang, Malaysia for you. It is definitely worth looking into ingredients that are gentle to your face and understand what your skin enjoys and what it does not tolerate!