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We all know that one of the ways to protect ourselves in buildings or cars from the extreme heat from the sun is by having tinted glass in Penang. But how well do we know about how this tinted glass works and what other benefits they bring to our lives? Today, we are going to explore different types of tinted glass in Penang as well as their functions besides protecting us from the heat.

Tinted glass in Penang comes with different types

In general, there are 2 ways tinted glass in Penang work to cut off the devastating sunlight. The first type is by absorbing the heat generated from the sun and dissipates it quickly. Examples of heat-absorbing glass are metallic or ceramic window films. The second type is by reflecting the heat from the sun. We call it low emission coating. It bounces off solar energy from the window, preventing heat from passing through and accumulate in the building or car. Depending on your requirement, these 2 options of tinted glass in Penang can be used in different situations.

Tinted glass in Penang helps in regulating the interior temperature

With the tinted glass Penang being installed in your car, workplace or home, the interior temperature is less susceptible to extreme changes. This results in a more comfortable environment to stay in and indirectly, we will not fall sick easily due to the sudden change of temperature. Moreover, with tinted glass in Penang, it is also easier to cool down the interior space using the air conditioning, thus saving electricity bill in the long run.

A variety of colors and finishing to choose from

Other than preventing heat from radiating through the window, tinted glass in Penang also comes with a vast variety of colours where we can apply it in our house or office cubicles. The glass are “tinted” by adding metal oxides to it, producing coloured glasses like bronze, green, blue or grey. This creates a very different vibe and theme in the office. We can create a personalized home just by installing tinted glass in Penang. Besides for aesthetics, we can even choose to have a frosted glass for our workspace so that people from outside are not able to look into our office, providing a better privacy.

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