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Zebra blinds Malaysia are double paneled that made up of block-out and transparent or translucent material. The stripy zebra blinds Malaysia are alternating between clear and opaque, creating a sleek and modern look which is suitable for all kinds of interior. Zebra blinds Malaysia offer more practical benefits besides its aesthetic values.

Zebra blinds Malaysia allows you to see outside through the transparent or translucent part. When it is being viewed from the outdoors, only blurry shapes but no details will be seen. The darker the fabrics being used, the better the light control. It does not matter what type of fabric you choose, you just have to bear in mind that minimization of dye lot variation is vital to ensure consistency of color.

Zebra Blinds Malaysia that acts as Sunshade and Artistic Décor at the Same Time

Zebra blinds in Penang Malaysia is a complete package of a window treatment with affordable price, attractive design, and great light filtering. For style, zebra blinds Malaysia are designed with dual color schemes incorporated smoothly for operation. For functionality, zebra blinds Malaysia offers exclusive light protection if it is compared to other window blinds.

Nevertheless, it is easy to install, sturdy, cost-effective and light in its weight. Zebra blinds can be customized based on user’s requirement in terms of size, height, width, designs, colors or even fabric type.

Zebra blinds malaysia

Rendering Perfect Contemporary Look with High Functionality

If you are a person who loves minimalism or love to live with the contemporary trend, you will never go wrong with zebra blinds. Being the most economical and effective solution, zebra blinds in Penang, Malaysia highly essential to be owned for the best of your space.