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Economic Flooring Options from Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Penang

Vinyl flooring is making a comeback in 2018! People may think that vinyl plank has a very plastic look. Vinyl flooring supplier in Penang is here to change your impression towards vinyl plank completely. The latest flooring technology allows vinyl flooring supplier in Penang to emulate a varies kind of colors and textures using the highly durable plastic material.

The vinyl plank in past generations had limited patterns and often subjected to scratching, denting, scuffing and so on. Vinyl flooring supplier in Penang is bringing whole new vinyl flooring planks that are resilient. Vinyl plank flooring is the flooring options of the future. A top company like Vinyl flooring supplier in Penang is always at the frontline of innovative technology to carry the premium vinyl flooring tailor-made with cutting-edge techniques.

Luxurious Flooring Look that is Highly Versatile

The vinyl planks that we can get from vinyl flooring supplier in Penang is some of the most versatile vinyl planks in the market. It is ideal for any kind of rooms including washroom and laundry room as it is 100% waterproof.  The kitchen is also highly recommended to install vinyl flooring since water will not cause any damage to the vinyl planks.

Nevertheless, being made from plastic, vinyl flooring supplier in Penang often receive complains that vinyl itself is not an environment-friendly material. Today, the technology grant vinyl flooring a new future which far from the vinyl planks we have back then. Vinyl flooring supplier in Penang uses low-emitting vinyl material that meets the environmental standards.

Vinyl flooring supplier in Penang

Enjoy Little to No Maintenance that Suits Your Busy Lifestyle

Vinyl flooring supplier Penang only uses the best vinyl plank flooring to ensure the highest standards are delivered to the customers. To achieve the look of high-end materials, vinyl flooring is not compromising its affordability for all homeowners. Let us make vinyl plank flooring a reality for your space! Get in touch with us today for information!