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Fancy Korea wallpapers are all the rage right now! Korea Wallpaper Malaysia is a branch company based in Korea that provides fellow Malaysian with beautiful and astonishing looking wallpapers that are sure to wow everyone that takes a glimpse of it. By changing the wallpaper in your room, it not only brightens up your wall, it blows a new life into your room. Don’t believe us? Please take a look at all of these wallpaper Korea had produced.

Breath-taking Korea Wallpapers – This could be your room as well!

korea wallpaper

korea wallpaper print

korea wallpaper

Amazed? These wallpaper Korea had produced are intricate works of our qualified and experienced designers hired by Korea Wallpaper Malaysia. Each and every one of our wallpaper designs are well designed and closely inspected to ensure that finest of quality to suit our honorable and respectable customers. They are produced with great care and with the highest quality papers available in the market in order to produce wallpapers which are fit for every circumstance. Korea Wallpaper Malaysia aims to produce wallpapers that are high in quality and are tailored to the tastes of a wide range of customers. From girly flower patterns to simple chic designs, we got you covered.

For The Inner Fancy You – Vintage Flower Patterns

Vintage Flower wallpaper

Vintage Flower wallpaper

Embrace Your Inner Chicness – Modern Cool Designs

korea wallpaper

korea wallpaper

Apart from providing a wide range of readily designed wallpapers, Korea wallpaper Malaysia also provides custom 3D mural wallpaper services. These 3D mural wallpapers are of high definition and would be certain to satisfy you as Korea Wallpaper Malaysia aims to provide customers with their customization with utmost quality. Quality is our main goal and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Vibrant and Eye-Catching 3D Mural Wallpaper Straight From Korea

print 3D wallpaper mural

wall mural malaysia

Moreover, Korea Wallpaper Malaysia also provides customers with wall decor stickers and needless to say, the choices for our customers are endless. We cater designs suitable for children to adults, the choices are endless and therefore, rest assured the only dilemma you’ll have is to choose the designs of the wall decor stickers to suit your room!  Our sticker printing machines are of the latest technology to ensure the wall decor stickers are of the finest and highest quality to keep our customers satisfied and happy.

For inquiry, please stop by our showroom that is available around Malaysia. For the convenience of our customer nationwide, we had prepared various showrooms across Malaysia such as in Puchong, Pinang Island, Melaka, Johor, Selangor, Seremban, Klang, Ipoh and also in Kuala Lumpur.

We’d love to serve you.