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What are the most obvious signs of aging besides wrinkles? Grey hair! Nobody wants a head full of dreaded streaks of silver and white hair, especially when now premature greying is getting more prominent in people in their 30s or even 20s. One may argue that greying is a sign of wisdom and maturity, but it also tells you that your body is aging faster than you think. Grey hair treatment Penang is here to shed some light on this issue and provide a solution to your problem.

Your diet decides your hair

Melanin is the root cause why grey hair is formed. Melanin refers to the pigmentation or color produced by pigmentation cells. When melanin is stopped producing, our hair will lose pigmentation and turn white or grey. While coloring your hair can fix the problem, it is only temporary. Here at grey hair treatment Penang, we focus on what promotes a healthy hair from the inside and that is through a healthy diet. Our nutritionist will specially design a well-balanced diet that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, providing the necessary vitamins and minerals to make sure that the pigmentation cells receive the required nutrients, ensuring a fuller and healthier hair growth. With this nutrient-rich diet routine crafted by grey hair treatment Penang, this slows down the greying of hair.

 Natural anti-greying treatment at grey hair treatment Penang

Instead of using harsh chemicals that may damage the scalp in the end, grey hair treatment Penang uses 100% natural ingredients and herbs in order to keep your grey hair at bay. Among the natural ingredients used include coconut oil, curry leaves, and amaranth leaves. Coconut oil is excellent for creating a lustrous hair as it is rich in carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins, all of these nutrients are absorbed by the hair follicle with coconut oil is being applied to the scalp. Unlike other oil, coconut oil used by diffuses deeply into the scalp and binds the protein of your hair. This, in turn, retains moisture and strengthens the fiber content, delaying the grey of hair. Curry leaves that are meticulously selected by grey hair treatment Penang are organic and it is rich in essential nutrients that help to prevent premature grey hair. Our therapist at grey hair treat Penang will heat curry leaves in coconut oil for a few minutes and massage on your scalp and then it was washed off after an hour. Another awesome ingredient that is good against greying of hair is amaranth leaves. Similarly, it is boiled in water and the water extract is being applied on your hair and scalp. It contains an enzyme that improves the level of melanin and restores the natural black color of your hair.

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