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Have you ever wish to own beautiful eyes with dark and long lashes that allow your beauty overtakes people? We help you in eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia to achieve what you have been longing for. Some beauty shops provide temporary lash extension services that only last for a day. We totally understand your busy lifestyle and here we are to do relatively long-lasting eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia exclusively for you.

Before the process of eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia is started, you will be consulted and recommended on which curl, thickness, materials, and length of the eyelashes suit you the most. The initial purpose of eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia is to extend and volumize one’s eyelashes. It does also make one’s eyes look bigger with little or no make-up at all!

eyelash extensions Penang

Tips for Lash Extensions

As fabulous as long eyelashes are, they are fragile and need much attention and care. Oil-based cleanser or any other products should not be applied around the eye after eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia. There shouldn’t be any rubbing or scrubbing of eyes too to prevent the newly planted lashes from coming out. You may also use light and a small brush to brush through the extended lashes to keep them looking full and neat.

Eyelash extension is highly customizable. Usually, eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia last around four to six weeks. Our professional beauticians will discuss with you on your requirement and provide trustable opinion on what looks best on you with examples.

Eliminate the Need of Eye Make-up Yet Looking Gorgeous Day and Night

With eyelash extensions Penang, Malaysia, your makeup routine is now cut into half as it takes mascara smudges, clumps out of the concerns. It gives natural look and feels which makes your morning routine a lot easier and time-saving. Contact us today to feel the incredible experience of lash extensions to improve your inner confidence!