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Trying Out Our Commercial Window Film for Car Tint Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the sunniest countries in the world. Window tinting does more than just blocking heat at this modern era to protect each and every one of you though blocking harmful UV rays or sun glares. Car tint Malaysia is a necessity to stylize, customize or even personalize the ride you wish to own. We are here to accommodate your individual need perfectly!

Here we are, highly recommending you to install our latest car tint Malaysia to any of your vehicles, be it a personal car, sports utility vehicle or trucks. Iris Pro UV+ 420 solar film is the premium performance film that receives zero negative feedbacks so far. This solar film guarantees a 100% of ultraviolet radiation reflection and 95% infrared heat reflection when it is installed as car tint Malaysia. Nevertheless, 10 years of warranty is assured upon purchases of each solar film!

Powerful Range of Window Coating Solutions Exclusively for You

Upon installation of car tint Malaysia, the solar film will instantly improve the reflection of external heat emittance. It promotes the excellent insulation effect and keeps the inner atmosphere from heating up. It will not be seen as a mirror outside of the vehicles as a result of high external reflectance. Instead, car tint Malaysia increases the actual reflectance and ensure clear visibility.

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Take Control of the Sun with Window Tinting 

Tinting films in Malaysia emphasize on differentiation. Car tint Malaysia is quality assured for its high-grade film adhesion technique, pleasant vision and extended warranty to the customers.

We have been in the field or car tint Malaysia since 2012 and we are leading the way in car tinting technology. We have all of the solutions you need for your car windows. Our employees are all set with skills and knowledge to transform your car window into a more comfortable one.