Wall Deca Details
The Unlimited Options for Your Space

Are you always being confused by the term stickers and decals? Stickers are the adhesive product that you can peel off a backing paper directly and stick to the desired surface. Decals are the product used to transfer an image or wording from one surface to another. With us here at our stickers factory, we provide premium quality PVC wall stickers in Malaysia.

PVC wall stickers in Malaysia are the ultimate in both temporary and permanent décor for walls. Without any doubts, PVC wall stickers in Malaysia comes in all kinds of size, shape, and colors. Wall graphics are enhanced by the technology of customizing PVC wall stickers in Malaysia for entryways or formal rooms of your space. Design your stickers online or by just uploading a file, you will get consultation and advice from us for the best outcome.

Do PVC Wall Stickers in Malaysia Damage Walls?

Are you being over-worried about the lasting marks that will be caused by wall glue? Fear not! PVC wall stickers in Malaysia will not hurt your wall. Ultimately, it depends on the strength of the glue. Stickers that are made for the use of indoor purposes usually possess lower strength and less permanent.

If the strong glue is being applied, an additional process of heating will be carried out to remove the wall stickers completely upon request. PVC Wall Stickers in Malaysia

Using Wall Stickers with Minimum Risks

Getting know where and how your PVC wall stickers in Penang Malaysia is produced is the best way to minimize the risk that might be created if removed. Contact us if you are in doubts, we will tailor a solution for you upon choosing the best PVC wall stickers in Malaysia to brighten up your space.  More details about KS Home Decor Tradingclick here