Want to indulge in the field of eyelash extension but don’t know where to start? No worries, you will definitely find what you are looking for over here at eyelash extension course in Penang. In this era where the standard of beauty is always through the roof, the beauty industry is a very lucrative one. One of the most popular trends nowadays is the extension of eyelashes. Albeit small, eyelash is one of the important parts on the face of a person that can have a tremendous effect on his or her figure overall. Mesmerizing eyelashes attract the opposite sex and enhance the eyes to make it more appealing. As the demand for eyelash extensions are high, trained personnel or therapists in this field are a great asset to this industry. Here at eyelash extension course in Penang, we provide the most complete training routine for newcomers.

Extensive training programs that ensure the profession

Eyelash extension course in Penang provides a comprehensive training routine. We teach you the most effective way to enhance the eyes with synthetic extensions to produce long-lasting, thick and natural and longer lashes. Versatility is also important as each client’s eye shape is different, therefore you will also learn how to adapt to this variation especially during applying lashes for the desired look. During the training course, eyelash extension course in Penang will provide a professional training mannequin head for you to practice on. This maximizes your hands-on experience while carrying out treatments and removing the lashes. Besides, you will have ample time to train with it to perfect your skills and techniques in terms of the treatment procedure, maintenance of lash extensions, aftercare advice, and bottom line extension.

Make yourself at home at eyelash extension course in Penang

The course entry requirement of eyelash extension course in Penang is so low that you can practically start from scratch without any prior knowledge or experience in the beauty industry. We encourage anyone who has the interest and passion to learn this valuable skill to join us. Here, our team of tutors here are not only professional but also friendly, passionate and willing to help you. We are proud to say that our team is able to engage, educate and enrich students from all ages and backgrounds. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and keep you up-to-date on the latest news and treatment techniques in this ever-changing industry. Moreover, you also do not need to bring any kits as it is all included in this training course. You only need to bring your enrolment form during that day. Lunch and tea-time are provided to you as well. Come join us at eyelash extension course in Penang!

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