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Have you ever looked at your room and thought how plain it is? Monotone and dull walls drowning your spirit? Do you wish to have fancy and shabby chic looking rooms like those you see on the internet?

Wait no further as we bring to you a series of breathtaking wallpapers to tone up the boring looking walls in your home! We’re a well-known wallpaper design and printing company with years of experiences with designing and producing finest of the finest of wallpapers.

We had worked with various major companies and also celebrities for the interior design of their office space and rooms in their fabulous mansions. We truly believe our wallpapers are so intricately designed, they are wallpapers for walls that are fit for the finest of people!

Monotone, Plain and Boring Walls – Is this what you face every single day?
Room Wallpaperroom wallpaper

Our company specializes in providing extravagant yet elegantly designed room wallpaper that fits every requirement our customers have for their ideal dream room.

Our room wallpaper consists of myriads of different designs and themes for our fellow customers to choose from. Love football?

Let us provide you football fanatics with the most suitable room wallpaper! Show off how much you love football to everyone by using our football wallpaper! Show your passion by having your favorite ball game plastered on your wall! Calling all parents!

If your children love football, how about surprising your little football stars with their walls in their room decorated In their favorite football wallpaper? It’s guaranteed that it’ll be a hit among your little football-loving children!










Footballer’s Dream Room – Football Wallpaper!

3D football wallpaper malaysia

football wallpaper

football wallpaper print

For those who are going for a more rustic looking design, we have something for you as well. Come and take a look at our realistically looking, shabby chic and Pinterest worthy wallpapers!

Brick Wallpapers

There are numbers for you to choose from, from brick wallpapers to cedar wood design wallpaper. We got you covered!

brick wallpapersOur brick wallpapers are our hot seller item as it is realistic looking and exquisite in its design.

Our suppliers have showroom all across Malaysia such as in Puchong, Penang Island, Melaka, Johor, Klang, Selangor, Seremban, Ipoh and our main showroom would be in Kuala Lumpur. Please do visit !