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Imagine this, if your employer asks for your suggestions to maintain a comfortable workspace, what can you do? Well, one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve your workspace is to install a tint film in Penang. Applying a tint to your office windows will not only make it look stylish and professional, but it also has several benefits for the tenants as well as the amenities in the office.

Tint film in Penang cools your office and improves productivity

You are able to cool your working environment by up to 15 degrees just by slapping on a layer of tint film in Penang. The tinting is able to reflect most of the heat from the sun and thus, there is no need for the users of the office to crank up the air conditioning just to cool their workplace. This saves energy consumption in the long run. Besides that, tint film in Penang is able to block out the irritating glare which might become a distraction for the staff in the office. This way, employees are able to focus better on their screens and this increases their productivity. There will be much lesser cases of eye fatigue or a headache due to the glare. All of these result in a more comfortable and conducive workspace.

Protect your skin even at indoor with tint film in Penang

Do you know that you can get a sunburn even at indoors? This is true especially your workspace is near to an untint window. The UV rays from the sun will penetrate directly to your skin, causing wrinkles, freckles and worse, skin cancer on prolonged exposure to it. Thus, this is where tint film in Penang comes in as applying it on your office windows will deter 99% of the UV rays, protecting your skin from any form of premature aging. One benefit of applying the tint film in Penang is that you are able to have a good view of the outside of your office while keeping harsh sunlight at bay. You will get better natural light into your office as blinds are not necessary.

The look is still important

Let’s face it, the first impression is usually judged by the look. Commercial buildings are also no exception. Tint film in Penang offers a wide selection of colors to give your office a professional appearance. It will surely impress any visitors.

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