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Have you ever noticed that almost all the windows on vehicles on the road are tinted to a certain degree? The answer is pretty easy, to get rid of or reduce the annoying sunlight during the day. Car tint film in Penang is vital to all the cars on the island especially while driving around under the scorching hot sun. Car tinting is not just for the look but also brings many benefits to both the driver and passengers.

Car tint film in Penang protects you and your loved ones from the UV rays

Do you know that there are cases of people who actually got sunburned just because they were driving in their cars under the sun? As most of us know, UV rays are harmful to our skin. The UV rays generated from the sun especially during mid-day is so strong that direct contact with it for a period of time may silently speed up the aging process, causing wrinkles and worse, skin cancer. Drivers in Penang tends to have a higher chance of getting skin cancer on the right side due to prolonged exposure during driving. This is why it is imperative to apply a layer of car tint film in Penang on your car window in order protect yourself from the harmful sunlight.

Reduce accidents with car tint film in Penang

Under the hot sun, when you get into your car, you immediately start the air conditioning hoping to reduce the temperature in your car, however, it takes forever for your car to cool down because there is no car tint film in Penang installed on your car windows. Drivers tend to get frustrated easily when the temperature inside the cabin is high and this leads to reckless driving which results in accidents. Moreover, without the car tint film in Penang on your car, the sunlight will directly penetrate through your car window. This blinding glare can be very distractive which ultimately causes unwanted accidents. With car tint film in Penang on, you can drive comfortably and confidently as it helps to block the obnoxious glare and prevent painful eye strain while you are driving on the road.

Car tint film in Penang

Your favorite car tinting that lasts long

With car tint film in Penang, you get a wide selection of colors ranging from shining metallic to deep black finishes. On top of that, these tintings were made from high-quality materials that went through meticulous testing, all with the aim to produce the ultimate tint film that is long lasting. So you will never have to worry about bubbling, peeling off and fading over time.