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Why is tinted glass window in Penang important in our daily life? Many of us are taking tinted glass for granted to a point that tinted glass is supposed to be installed in any buildings or cars by default. But have you ever stayed in a place or car where there is no tinted glass? The difference is night and day. Let’s dive into the advantages of the tinted glass window in Penang.

The tinted glass window in Penang offers better security

One of the functions of having a layer of tint on the glass is to hold the glass pieces together in the event of any impact or accidents. Whether you are staying in your house or driving your car on the road, having a tinted glass window in Penang is important as during window breakage, the film is able to hold the glass firmly, preventing it from shattering and shattered glass is very dangerous as it will fly around, injuring the tenants or driver. With tinted glass window in Penang, it acts as a barrier between the interior and the glass, protecting the user inside. Many people will say that window tinting is a luxury, but judging by the necessity of it, its advantages outweigh its cost.

A protection to your investments

Have you wonder why the colour of the furniture in your house or car will fade even if you have done nothing to it after some period of usage? UV rays from the sun is the main culprit for this phenomenon. It is devastating to your expensive investments if left untreated. Installing tinted glass window in Penang will alleviate this problem as it can reject up to 99% of UV rays from seeping into your living space or car, ensuring your furniture and floorings are maintained in a good condition. This saves costs as it prevent you from having to replace these expensive investments over time.

A protection to your health

Besides protecting your investments, blocking out the UV rays from the sun using tinted glass window in Penang also protect us from being exposed to UV rays which accelerates the skin aging process. Thus, skin complications like sunburn, freckles, wrinkles or even skin cancers can be avoided. Moreover, rejecting the sunlight means less unwanted light is being channelled into the living space or car, reducing the obnoxious glare which may cause headaches and eye-tiredness.

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