Wall Deca Details

While we’re all probably familiar with wallpaper, wall murals is a decor item that you might not be familiar with. In this guide, we go through the difference between wallpaper and wall murals!

custom made wallpaper

Custom Made wallpaper



Wall mural is digital prints from high-quality photography and customization wallpaper printing available and can use any high-quality image or revise an existing style to fit the needs of your space.

Mural wallpaper printing is less repetitive or larger repeats and depth created through 3-dimensional photography. Individually produced and printed like a piece of artwork



Wallpapers are typically surface prints or embossed papers with texture, pattern, and color and are a traditional type of wallcovering. A wall mural, on the other hand, is a new type of wallcovering developed with the advances in technology. Wall murals are digital prints created using high-quality photography and imagery that can be blown up, scaled down, and customized to the individualized requirements of a space.

Custom made wall mural

Wallpapers are more standardized and cannot be modified in their patterns, scale, or color but one pattern will come in multiple colorways to suit a variety of different design schemes. There are a really highly detailed and unique texture and depth with wall murals as a result of digital printing that is highly captivating and engaging, drawing in the viewer. Many residential patterns of wallpaper are stocked products as they are made in large quantities and can, therefore, have a faster turn over time.  Wall murals come in panels and are sold by a set multiple of panels to create the complete image. If want more info can refer to our supplier page