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Lately, have you noticed that the weather was so hot that you can’t even stay outdoor for long before you get an awful tan? Believe it or not, you will even get a sunburn even if you are staying in your office, your car or even your house. We all know that UV rays from the sun are the main culprit of getting sunburned. Wherever there is sunlight, there will be a degree of UV ray radiation. Therefore, it is important for you to protect yourself from UV rays and that is by putting on a layer of window tinting in Penang on the windows of your workplace, cars, and home.

Keep you and your loved ones away from harmful UV rays with window tinting in Penang in your home

Your home is where you spend at least one-third of your day in. Therefore, it is only logical for you to protect you and your loved ones from the harmful UV rays from the sun during the day. With window tinting in Penang, it cuts off 99% of the UV rays, protecting us from skin complications like sunburn and even skin cancer. Besides that, window tinting in Penang reduces the unpleasant glare that may cause tiredness on the eye especially when these days, almost everyone is on their phone and screen.

A cost-saving alternative in the workplace with window tinting in Penang

We can actually reduce the need to turn on the lights in our office in the day if we let in the natural lights from outside. In theory, this saves electricity bill. However, it comes with a cost of letting in harmful UV rays which is devastating to not only the tenants but also the furnishings of the office. Installing window tinting in Penang will not only solve this problem but also takes cost savings to another level as it instantly reduces the interior temperature. There is no need for the employees to reduce the temperature settings of the air conditioning, this further saves the electricity consumption.

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A protection for the drivers on the road

Window tinting in Penang provides a protective barrier to the car drivers on the road from the harsh sunlight. Extreme heat on the interior of the car as well as annoying glare from the sun tend to lead to the drivers to be distracted and accidents will happen more frequently. With window tinting in Penang applied to the car windows, these accidents can be avoided.